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The Taste Of Wales In A Jar

Welsh Honey For Sale
Welsh Honey For Sale
Welsh Honey

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The Bees

At The Welsh Honey Company, our raw Welsh honey is made by busy bees collecting the nectar and pollen from a wide variety of flowers from across Wales.

Our honey is cold extracted and strained of the wax bits to ensure that you get a quality welsh honey that is bursting with vitamins, minerals and pollen. It's what makes honey a superfood.

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Honey Wales

Dafydd Pett 

Owner & Beekeeper

It first started back in 1969 when my grandfather started beekeeping in his back garden with one or two hives as a hobby. My grandfather grew his hive numbers over the years and in 2014 I was invited to visit the hives along with my local primary school. This is where my experience with bees started. I was invited to start beekeeping with my grandfather every sunday morning where we would visit the local association and then visit the apiaries straight after. At 11 years old, I was given my first hive. 

In early 2017 my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and suddenly passed away. At the time I had just turned 15 and with nobody else in the family that kept bees, I inherited all 30 hives. My dad was roped into starting beekeeping despite being petrified of bees. 

This is where The Welsh Honey Company started.

In 2021 we are still a family business with the same passion for our bees, Welsh honey and our amazing customers who make The Welsh Honey Company so special.

Dafydd Pett

Welsh Honey For Sale

Our Apiary



Our Welsh honey is made from different nectar and pollen of a variety of flowers from Wales.

Welsh Soft Set Honey

The colour of the honey will change depending on what flowers the bees are working on however, it will most likely be golden and will taste amazing.

Welsh Runny Honey
Welsh Honey

Our natural honey is nothing like most supermarket honey, which has been pasteurized, intensively filtered, and heated at extreme temperatures so most beneficial nutrients have been killed.  


 This liquid honey is great for eating from the jar with its strong taste and possible health benefits such as combating hayfever and eczema. 

Honey Wales

Over the course of a lifetime, a bee may only make 1/12 of a teaspoon. So never take a jar for granted! 

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