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Since 1969.

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Welsh Honey For Sale
Welsh Honey For Sale
Welsh Honey

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The Bees

At The Welsh Honey Company, our raw Welsh honey is made by busy bees collecting the nectar and pollen from a wide variety of flowers from across Wales.

Our honey is cold extracted and strained of the wax bits to ensure that you get a quality welsh honey that is bursting with vitamins, minerals and pollen. It's what makes honey a superfood.

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Honey Wales

Dafydd Pett 

Owner & Beekeeper

It first started back in 1969 when my grandfather started beekeeping in his back garden with one or two hives as a hobby. My grandfather grew his hive numbers over the years and in 2014 I was invited to visit the hives along with my local primary school. This is where my experience with bees started. I was invited to start beekeeping with my grandfather every sunday morning where we would visit the local association and then visit the apiaries straight after. At 11 years old, I was given my first hive.