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Ethically Kept Bees

100% Welsh




We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle pieces of cardboard for packaging along with biodegradable packing peanuts to make sure that your order arrives safely but eco friendly. All of our jars are glass with metal lids making it 100% recyclable. 

Our Bees

We treat our bees ethically. We don't move our bees to commercially pollinate crops which means that the bees aren't put under a substantial amount of stress. Many beekeepers take all of the honey from the hive however we do the opposite, we leave our bees with honey to reward them for their hard work over the summer months.


All of our honey comes from hard working bees situated in the beautiful Welsh countryside. This not only supports your local beekeeper and economy, but it also spreads the word about premium Welsh Honey.

Benefits of honey

Helping The Community

We love helping the community. We recently donated 50 jars of our honey to Bryn Y Cae Residential home to show support to all of the staff who worked hard throughout the pandemic along with a treat for the residents on Bryn Y Cae.  

Save The Bees

In order to help bees and other pollinators, we gave away wildflower seed packets free of charge with a many of our orders. This is something that we look forward to start again in 2021.  

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