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  • Is your honey raw?
    Yes! Our honey is unpasturised/ raw. Nothing added, nothing taken away, our honey is 100% natural.
  • What is the shelf life?
    Honey never really goes off as it contains a high amount of natural sugar however we put a 2 year best before date on the jars. We also recommended that you keep your honey in a cupboard at room temperature.
  • Can children under 12 months old eat honey?
    Children under the age of 12 months old should not consume any of our honeys, this is because an infant’s digestive tract isn’t quite ready to process some of the naturally-occurring constituents in honey and this inability could potentially cause problems.
  • Where Is Your Honey From?
    Our honey is made by bees situated in the bee-autiful Welsh countryside.
  • What Is Your Food Hygiene Rating?
    We have a 5 (Very Good) food hygiene rating.
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