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The Health Benefits Of Rapeseed Honey

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

There are many benefits of our Welsh Rapeseed Honey which may surprise you!

Welsh Rapeseed Honey

What Is Rapeseed Honey?

Rapeseed honey is a monofloral honey which comes from the Oil Seed Rape flower also known as Canola. This is a bright yellow flower which flowers very early in the year. Oil Seed Rape is planted by farmers, harvested and then used for rapeseed oil which has many benefits in itself. Welsh Rapeseed Honey granulates making it super thick. It also has a strong, sharp taste however it isn't as sweet as our other honeys. We then extract this honey in early may. The bees are then busy at work on the wildflowers in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

The Benefits Of Welsh Rapeseed Honey

There has been many health benefits found from eating rapeseed honey. This includes: Healing Wounds and Burns

Preventing Acid Reflux

Fighting Infections

Lower Triglycerides

It is said that Welsh Rapeseed Honey can help cure kidney health problems. Rapeseed oils contain Q3 which is extremely important for the development of bones, this is why many people use rapeseed honey to treat osteoporosis. Our Welsh Rapeseed honey consumption protects the liver, the spleen and the pancreas from various diseases. It is recommended for heartburn sufferers due to its very low acidity.

Oil Seed Rape


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